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Thursday 30 Nov 2023


on 05 July 2012.

Volunteers are the backbone of any therapeutic horsemanship program and they make a profound difference in the lives of those they assist.  Volunteers work with riders and horses in classes, assist with horse care, facility and stable maintenance and improvements, as well as administration.  During our therapeutic horsemanship classes, the volunteers serve as leaders (leading the horse) and as side-walkers (walking alongside the horse and giving physical support to the rider when needed). 

The leaders and side-walkers provide both an emotional and safety support system that allows the riders to fully concentrate totally on acquiring their riding skills.  The feeling derived from helping is indescribable.  Volunteers need no previous experience with horses or individuals with disabilities – we provide volunteer training and development on an ongoing basis.  We invite adults and teenagers who are interested in assisting children and adults with disabilities to participate at Cowboy Town Stables.